Consumer Examples

Finding Cycles in streaming Citi-Bike Rides.

We’ve been asked to help with an anomaly detection task: we want to find cases where a Citi Bike completes a graph cycle starting and ending at a station T, without re-visiting T in between.

We’ll also offer a “history” API which serves the most recent rides of a given bike ID.

Serving a Real-time Language Model.
We must offer a real-time language model API which accepts new documents to add to the corpus, continuously integrates each one, and offers fast query access of current model states.
Summing over Multiplexed File Chunks.

We’re presented with a stream of multiplexed file chunks, and must compute and publish the full SHA-sum of each file upon it’s completion.

This example also serves as a soak test for Gazette and is used to verify correctness in automated Jepsen-style fault injection tests.

Playing Ping-Pong.

Let’s play ping pong. At scale! This example is a minimal application which provides opinionated scaffolding for starting a new Gazette consumer project. It demonstrates:

  • Building & end-to-end testing with RocksDB support.
  • Hermetic, Docker-based builds.
  • Protobuf code generation.
  • Packaging release-ready images.
  • Manifests for deploying and testing on Kubernetes.